Machine factory

Strong in large-scale work


The professionals of Sepers Group are specialists. Strong in large-scale work. Right down to the 0,01 millimetre. At the versatile machine factory in Heerewaarden, work is done on new constructions and repairs for marine installations, offshore works, hydraulic installations, mechanical installations and dredging equipment. Thanks to the powerful cooperation and short lines of communication within the Sepers Group, we are able to deliver high-quality work extremely quickly. 


Unique machinery
One of Europe's largest lathes

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We specialise in long lathe work of up to 25 metres between centres and 4.5 metres turning diameter. For this purpose, we have one of Europe’s largest lathes at our disposal. It can handle workpiece weights of up to 80 tonnes.
We are also very well equipped for boring and surface machining in a wide variety of shapes.


Wide-ranging specialisations
Many years of experience


Our unique machinery is operated by a team of professionals with many years of experience and extensive know-how. This means we can solve virtually any issue when it comes to machining. Thus, we have a far-reaching specialization in turning long shafts and the production and repair of all common brands of adjustable screws with associated parts. With us, you are assured of a high-quality end product. Would you like us to carry out the work under the supervision of a classification society? We can make that happen. 


Located on the waterfront
on the banks of the Meuse


The modern machine factory is located on the banks of the Meuse river, close to the Waal river. This unique location allows us to transport even very large-scale work via the water. Our shipyard and equipment are fully designed for this purpose.


Fast and flexible
From a single source 


Thanks to the synergy with the other disciplines in the Sepers Group, we can offer you an efficient total package from a single source. The optimised cooperation between our diverse business units ensures short lines of communication. We are able to respond extremely quickly and flexibly to your demands and offer our work at a competitive price. We constantly strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. If required, 24-hour shift production can be made available to you. In the metalworking shop, we can handle the disassembly and assembly for parts or installations that we have machined for you. Our highly extensive stock of equipment allows us to provide you with service even at the most inopportune moments.